Skinny Vanilla Spiced Scones

      Welcome to Skinny Kitchen Chef: The All-you-can-eat blog!!!

My room is currently a gauntlet of Easter eggs… Everywhere I look there is a plethora of delicious chocolate just waiting to be eaten. My partner is NOT helping matters. He keeps telling me that its a bank holiday and that I can re-start my diet tomorrow. The truth is that I “re-start” my diet every few days. I drop a couple of pounds and reward myself with a flurry of binge eating.

I wasn’t always what I refer to as “festivly plump”! In fact just a year ago I was a skinnny size 10/12 and weighed 10st 4lbs. Now I am tipping the scales at 14st 9lbs. The catalyst to my catasrophic weight gain is my beautiful daughter, Elissa, who is now 9 weeks old. During my pregnancy I craved cheese, not just any cheese, but delicious golden full fat cheddar, and the pounds crept on week after week. After 42 weeks of pregnancy and not being very mobile towards the end of my third trimester the scales did not reflect the me I remembered. And now I have given birth the mirror doesn’t like me too much either.

So, I am going to blog my diet and help out other dieters too by sharing my skinny recipes and skinny tips. Lets see if we can do this thing together! Good luck all, I know I will need it!!



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  1. I know you are going to be sharing skinny recipes and tips..and I will happily read them..but a lot of damage happens in my kitchens..loool..I look forward to some posts from you! Happy Blogging New Blogger!!!!!!! whooo!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 i love food and cooking hence my struggle with weight all my life. I recently joined weight watchers and lost a couple of stone and learnt how to eat differently. Now i am feeding others what i cant eat myself. Fortunatley, like you, i have my day off thank God!

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