Day 2 of the post baby diet….

Day 2 and I am already 2lbs down… I do tend to loose weight quite quickly to begin with but it will slow down and eventually come to a grinding halt. My weight shifts from between a size 10 to a size 18 on sometimes a yearly basis. For example, at the beginning of January 2010 I was a size 18. By July I was a 14 and by August 2010 I was a size 10. By Christmas 2010 I was a 12 again. My skin must have amazing elasticity by now. My problem is I adore cooking and I adore food, especially eating it. Yesterday I had a steamed cod dish with a low cal version of a salsa verde (recipe to follow shortly once I have perfected photos) which came in at a very healthy 290 kcal. I can’t eat like this all the time though, I am no angel.

Sometimes I just want to pig out on ribs and steak at my favourite restaurant or my biggest weakness… cheese. When I was pregnant (9 weeks ago) I could not eat age ripened cheese. And so since now I am no longer pregnant I seem to be making up for lost time (42 weeks worth) and am consuming creamy ripe brie at a rate that defies the logic of rich food edibility!

But now back to the diet which seems to punctuate the life of what I swear must be my very slow metabolism!

In order to have some impetus to diet I have bought myself a rather small size 14 fitted denim mini skirt. I intend to be in this by the time I go on holiday next month for my daughters first trip away. Watch this space, it currently won’t even go over my bum!!! :/


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