The first weigh in….

So, despite falling of the proverbial wagon once this week and eating chocolate, cheese, a pepperami and full fat Dr Pepper all in one day I have still managed to lose 6lbs!!!

I was 14st 9lbs this time last week (I am 5ft 10) and am currently weighing 14st 3 lbs!! 😀

I’m really pleased that all the sit ups, press ups and healthy eats are paying off and yet I still had a chance to treat myself.

I think allowing yourself a day off is so important. Ok, so its not great to stuff your face but knowing that you don’t always have to eat healthy is a great impetus to diet successfully. So many people give up because it gets too hard to be a saint all the time, but if you can make it just a few more days untill your next treat then you are more likely to go that extra mile.

I have a few potential pit falls this week including friends coming over for dinner and a bottle of champagne (my hubris) on the horizon… so we shall have to see how I’m doing by this time next week.



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