Skinny Shortbread

Ready for the oven


Skinny Kitchen Chef Shortcake….

Having lived in Scotland for six years I am incredibly fond of shortbread. However, the original recipe is more than fattening. Just a handful of these delicious beauties has more fat than you should probably have in a whole day, and definitely more than you should have if you’re trying to lose weight.

The average shortbread has more than 30 grams of fat in a small 100g portion.

So here is my take on the recipe:

  • 120 g of low fat butter substitute. I use a leading brand’s ‘Lightest’ range.
  • 16g granulated sweetener or 2 heaped tsp of Manuka honey for an earthy and more natural taste.
  • 185g plain flour and 2 tsp of cornflour.I also like to add a few (1 tsp) of dark choc chips. Dark choc goes much further than milk or white as it has a stronger flavor.

    Step 1) Sieve the flour and add a pinch of salt and the cornflour. Put to one side.

    Step 2) In a room temperature mixing bowl cream the butter substitute and sweetener/honey until light and creamy.

    Step 3) Add the flour/salt/cornflour mixture in three separate intervals (also add the choc chips if you wish, adds about 125 calories for the whole recipe depending  on brand and quality).  Stir until a thick dough is formed. At this stage I love to knead with my hands.

    Step 4) Roll into a long baguette shape and wrap in cling-film. Leave in the fridge for an hour or until the dough has set firm.

    Step 5) Slice with a very sharp knife into 1 inch thick rounds, as shown above.

    Finally bake for approx. 20-25 mins or until they are golden brown.

    Ready to eat

    Delicious shortcake

     A snip at only 55 calories and 1.2g fat per biscuit (approx. depending on brands used).


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