Ultra Skinny Fragrant Broccoli Soup – Ideal as a snack/lunch/starter.

Serve with pitta for a main meal

For this recipe you will need:

  • 1 large broccoli branch.
  • 2 large white onions.
  • 1 pepper (green).
  • 4 celery sticks.
  • Dried garlic salt or pieces.
  • 5 small potatoes.
  • 3 chicken stock and 1 veg stock cube/s. (You can use all veg cubes if you are a vegetarian).
  • Salt and pepper.
  • 2 good pinches of turmeric and 2 of parsley.
  • Chili powder to taste if you like.

Get a pan of water on the boil and add a chicken stock cube. Add the peeled and washed potatoes. You can use any kind you like I personally hate the waxy variety  so use a fluffy variety.

Cook through until a knife slides straight through.

Drain and put to the side.

Using a pint of boiling water make a stock with the remaining cubes. Add to a pan.

Add the washed and chopped veg. Remember that the smaller you cut it down the quicker it will cook.

Add the salt/pepper/turmeric and other herbs and spices.

The water should reduce down a little after 20 mins or so.

Take of the boil and leave to cool a little. DO NOT DRAIN THE WATER! It is such a waste to drain it as it is the best stock when you make a soup from the water the veg has cooked in.

Add the potatoes.

Blend until smooth.

A 3-oz ladle portion will only cost you 67 kcal and about 2.1g fat (from the potatoes mostly).

Its important to keep the potatoes in the recipe as they really thicken the soup but if you are wanting to go super ultra skinny then you can take them out. Just note that it will be a much finer soup. Without potatoes it will cost you 33 kcal and under 1.0g fat for the same size portion.

Serve 3-oz with a pitta bread for a main meal: 185 kcal and 3.1g fat served with a wholemeal pitta (toasted).

Hot on its own: 3-oz is 67 kcal and 2.1 g fat.

Serve cold as a gazpacho for an amuse bouche (top with a little fresh chopped mint): 22 kcal and 0.3g fat.

© @ Skinny Kitchen Chef & © Skinny Kitchen Bakery.

Please note that the nutritional values on this site are all approximated, as produce/volume/brand etc will cause a variation. Check the labels on products!

Happy eating everyone 😀


6 responses

  1. This looks so good. I love soup during the cold months (which is far away here in Texas still but…) so I’m going to follow your blog so I can get back to it and make it!

    • Yes definitely, but you might want to substitute it for a little extra black pepper. Also, using frozen veg makes it so much easier. No peeling, cleaning, chopping etc. I have made this using entirely frozen veg before 🙂

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