Skinny Maple cookies

This morning I have been enjoying some Lavender Earl Grey tea with a couple of Maple cookies that I had left over from a batch I have made for my friends.

They truly are delicious and have no added sugar. The only sugar in this recipe is naturally occurring in the maple syrup (possibly a small amount occurring in the other ingredients).

Deliciously sweetFor this recipe you will need:

  •  200g of low fat butter substitute.
  •  4 heaped tablespoons of maple syrup.
  •  250g plain flour.
  •  50g corn flour.
  •  Pinch of salt.

Start by beating the butter substitute until it appears pale. It will need to be at room temperature.

Add the maple syrup and mix well. A tiny pinch of Allspice is a nice touch at this point if you like the flavor.

After sifting both types of flour mix in gradually until you have a dough (don’t for get the pinch of salt!).

Roll out and shape. With this kind of dough I tend to roll into a log and refrigerate until firm and then slice. But equally you can chill and then roll out onto a floured surface and use a cookie cutter. Decorate as desired.

They are that simple!!!!

Bake for 20 mins or until golden. They will darken quite quickly as the sugar in the maple caramelizes very fast.

Leave to cool.


Undecorated a small cookie is roughly 27  kcal and 0.7g fat. The calories is similar to a regular small cookie but the sugars are natural and therefor arguably better for you and the fat content is about 50% less.

© Skinny Kitchen Chef & Skinny Kitchen Bakery. all rights reserved.

..on finding out they are going to have a baby girl!!!


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