7 lbs down & Salted Maple Popcorn

Ok, so I weighed myself today and I wasn’t expecting a huge weight loss as I wouldn’t say I have tried particularly hard this week.

As I mentioned in my last recipe I have had pizza, pasta, popcorn, ice cream and even some KFC! (Although for all of these I tried to pick the healthiest option).

So when I hopped on the scales and found I had lost 7 lbs (half a stone) I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. 2 more lbs to go and I will have reached one of my milestones.

So to celebrate here is my take on the classic cinema favorite…

Salted Maple Popcorn © at Skinny Kitchen Chef by Laura Wild.

Get some regular unflavored popcorn cornels. You can get these quite easily in a health food store or possibly your supermarket.

Pop them in the microwave or popcorn maker.

Add a pinch (big one) of salt and a about 20g maple syrup.

Shake it up!!!

A BIG portion of this is only going to cost you about 150 kcal and 1.1g fat (maple syrup has calories but no fat generally, check the label!).

Delicious, healthy, filling, satisfying for a sweet tooth.



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