Sugar Flowers

Today I have been creating sugar roses to top cupcakes.

A beautiful sugar rose

By using royal icing instead of sugar gum you get a much softer flower that is a lot more about taste and less about just being decorative.

Sugar gum sets hard and is easier to work with, but the flowers I am making today are great for cupcakes as they match the softness of the frosting and sponge.

Be warned though, you have to work quick!! Royal icing becomes warm in seconds and then becomes incredibly difficult to work with.

All you need to do is to create a little stamen out of icing to use as the anchor. It should be oval with a pointed end.

Before you wrap the petalsThen you can begin the process of wrapping the petals around the anchor. These are made by simply pressing out a ball of icing with your thumb. If the icing becomes too difficult to work with then leave it to cool off again.

Begin wrapping the petals on by one, working your way around the centre of the flower. Slightly pinch out the edges as you go.

When you have wrapped all the petals around the centre make sure you pinch the very outer layer into a fine crimp.

Spray with edible shimmer and there you have it!


(Please note this is not reduced calorie or low fat as per my other recipes).

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