Poor Man’s Puttanesca

OK, so I have been cooking Italian…. AGAIN!

I love Italian food because it is so healthy and wholesome.

Here are the ingredients for my recipe

Puttanesca, usually made with spaghetti, literally means ‘Whore’s style spaghetti‘ and gets its name from its cheap and easily derived ingredients. Depending on the region it can contain any number of the below ingredients in a tomato base:










My recipe has tuna and anchovies which are two of my favorite fish.

They are also ingredients that are likely to be in your store cupboard if you eat them. It also has chili flakes to pep it up, fresh red onion and halved black olives.

To reduce some of the calories I have used tuna in spring water, olives in brine rather than oil, and I have used kitchen paper to drain most of the oil from the anchovies.

If you have any of the last recipe frozen down or left over now is a great time to use it.

Alternatively you can easily whip up a sauce with tinned tomatoes, basil, garlic, salt & pepper and a dash of white vinegar for acidity if you are not using capers.

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The calories and fat content are pending evaluation.

Put all the ingredients once the pasta is cooked into a big pan and stir through.

© Skinny Kitchen Chef by Laura Wild. All rights reserved.


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